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Nikki Feuerstein

May. 3rd, 2006

05:27 pm - Free Vibrator

Host a Passion Party in May by yours truly and receive one of my favorite vibrators for free. You'll also have the opportunity to earn tons of other free products.

The Waterproof Finger Fun is my personal favorite vibe for clitoral stimulation. Its practically silent yet provides you a powerful vibration. The silicone nubbies add texture for a dynamic clitoral orgasm.

Book your party today to try this fabulous vibe for yourself.

Apr. 29th, 2006

04:39 pm - Clit Notes

In my years as a sex toy peddler, Ive talked to thousands of women about their clits. Plus, Ive spent many fun filled hours researching my own. In my studies, I find that clits tend to fall mainly into three categories: Clit I, Clit II and Both.

Clit I These clits prefer direct stimulation, and powerful vibration. Perhaps they like to start out with a lower vibration setting, but ultimately the orgasmic crescendo is delivered by an intense vibration.

best bet: a strong bullet vibe made out of metal or hard plastic

my favorite: Pulsing Orbiter

Clit II This type of clit may find a hard direct stimulation to be too much. A pleasurable situation can quickly become uncomfortable with too much pressure. For this kind of clit, a softer sensation is more effective. Stimulate the area around the clitoris, nudging up against the clit.
best bet: a softer vibe made of silicone or a plush material

my favorite: Waterproof Finger Fun

Both - Many women actually like both kinds of stimulation at different times, even within the same orgasmic session. I like to keep both types of toys on hand for whatever I am in the mood for. I also recommend the addition of a sleeve to your hard vibrators in order to soften their vibrations. You can easily slip the sleeve off when you are ready for direct stimulation.
best bet: a soft sleeve with some texture

my favorite: Tickling Trio

Apr. 12th, 2006

09:11 pm - Dance Like a Superstar, or something

Today an article about me came out in a local Des Moines newspaper. I appreciate the publicity, since 'all publicity is good publicity' apparently. But my picture sucks. In my defense, I looked much better when I left my house for the interview, but it rained on the way. My hair product got all wet and formed a fusion with the glue on top of my head. I attempted to salvage the mess into something reasonably attractive without the aid of a mirror. I see now that those attempts were in vain.

Luckily the article is nice. You can check it out here if you want.

I was hoping someone could nominate me for a make-over show. I know there are gay boys out there dying to get a hold of these roots and unflattering tops. I promise I won't disappoint on the secret footage. I pretty much look embarrassing all of the time. It's possible I have potential to work with. I would do something with it if I could. Unfortunately, I just don’t have those kinds of skills or resources at this time.

On that note, I've got to start working out. I'm becoming old and misshapen. Remedy: Laurie Ann Gibson's "Breakin' it Down" dance instructional video. Its going to make me 'Dance Like a Superstar!' My new work-out plan consists of renting instructional dance videos from Hollywood Video. I hang my head in shameful embarrassment, but its entertaining thus far. Next week I move on to belly dancing.

Oh, and I am hard pressed to come (don't snicker) up with a May party incentive. What would entice you to host your very own sex toy party? Any suggestions? I wonder if its technically considered prostitution if I offer certain sex acts as an incentive? (since the parties are technically free and all). Anyone know the specific legalities on this?

Mar. 28th, 2006


I just wanted to let my loyal listeners know about my latest stunt to encourage women to figure out their G-Spots

Celebrate or Discover your G-Spot!
Save 20% on my most popular G-Spot vibrators when you purchase from my website.

My #1 Selling Vibrator
Pearl Shine ~ on sale for $15.50
Enter code, PEARL

Nubby G ~ on sale for $17
Enter code, NUBBY

Mood Light G-Spot Vibe ~ on sale for $41
Enter code, MOOD

Aurora G-Spot Massager ~ on sale for $32
Enter code, AURORA

Offer ends April 30th

Have questions about the elusive G-Spot?
Send your questions to me, nikfire82@yahoo.com

Current Music: Indie Electronic Nancy Boy playlist

Feb. 27th, 2006

04:58 pm - Feminist Porn Revolution Update

Feminist Porn Revolution Update:

This weekend 7 very talented ladies got together, consumed several bottles of wine, and took countless pictures of our sexy selves.

The experience was great, but there is a lot of work to be done. We need to make a bunch of technical alterations and improve upon what we've started. All of my ladies are down for the challenge, though. We will be having another shoot in the next couple of months.

Below are some of the pics we got of me playing around with my feminist sex nerd persona. I think they are a descent starting place only to get better and better.

Here is a pic of me with a certain starry gaze in my eyes:

Here I am inspecting my leg or vagina or something in a very sultry way:

Oooh, I am fierce!

Support Feminist Porn!
Buy your sex toys online at my website.

Jan. 23rd, 2006

05:40 pm - Feminist Porn is Coming!!!

Feminist Pornography is on its way. It is no longer just a little inkling of a seed in the back of my brain. It really is happening.

At the end of February, we have scheduled our very first feminist erotic photoshoot. If you were a part of the original Feminist Porno Club, where I was the one and only supreme President, you know who you are, and you are invited to attend. Contact me for more details you crazy cunts.

The focus behind this shoot is to bring all of our collective talents and ideas together for one night. Add props, wine, and a number of cameras and we will see what turns out.

Its also right around my birthday, so I think everyone should bring me a little sexy present, or maybe just some booze.

Then I am going to use the shots (permission pending) for the upstart of my new website and subsequent empire.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Jan. 17th, 2006

03:23 pm - Some Curious Porno Questions

As a future feminist pornographer, I wanted to throw a few questions out there and see what came back. Think of it as helping me with my research.

What do you look for in an extraordinary porno scene or piece of erotica?

Have you thought about why a particular scene captures your attention?

What is it that makes a great scene more appealling to you than they typical mainstream porno?

**'feminist porn' features all sexes and sexual orientations. I am looking for everyone's opinion. But if the only thing you like is a good ATM shot, then you are not exactly my target audience.

And now,a shameless plug for my website Passion Parties by Nikki.

02:38 pm - Someone tell me when to drive to Chicago

Okay, I've got to get to Chicago to take care of some business.

I need to visit a friend of mine up there who is going to help me organize a business plan for my very own Erotic Consulting business. He is also going to help me with the marketing.

I've also got to check out the feminist owned sex store there. What is it called again?

And of course, I've got to host a fabulous sex toy party for Toddly. Toddly, if you can hear me now, pick a damn weekend! I've got to get out of this terrible Iowan town and pretend that there is more out there for me.

Jan. 10th, 2006

04:20 pm - I need help with this flier

I need some design advice from friends in the know about design and advertising matters.

I am trying to create a flier to hang up around campus. I wanted to incorporate color and make it appeal to college-aged women. It needs to stand out amongst a million other campus fliers.

Any comments or suggestions?
I have no idea what I am doing

Jan. 5th, 2006

02:36 pm - Salute to Annie Sprinkle

I finally finished reading Post-Porn Modernist: My 25 Years as a Multimedia Whore by Annie Sprinkle. Well, it was mostly pictures, but I kept getting distracted and it took me a while to make it through. I love that kinky ass cunt. I'm not so much into her peeing fetish, but at least she looks great while she is doing it on people.

Annie, If you can hear me. I love you. Take me with you.

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